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Career Guidance

Guidance to Jump Start your Career!

Our focus is on the education you will receive while attending Adjuster Training Solutions' courses. Starting your education with real world possibilities is crucial to becoming a successful adjuster. Other adjuster training programs are ineffective because they don't offer or properly communicate insight into the insurance industry that can only come from years of real world experience. Our guidance will help you launch your insurance adjusting career in the right direction.

  There has been 22 major disaster declarations made by FEMA in 2013 already. In 2008 the number of declarations was 75. Its these types of events that drive the demand for insurance adjusters.

Major Hurricanes can cause up to $100 billion in damages and hail storms do $1 billion in damages annually. These events overwhelm the local insurance companies who don't employ enough staff adjusters to handle the sudden influx of claims. The result is that they must hire outside independent adjusters to settle the claims in a timely and professional manner.

 With your Texas All-Lines Insurance Adjuster License you could work these pocket disasters anywhere in the state. If you would like to work a similar storm in (Reciprocal State) you will be granted a license upon completion of the states required application. You will not have to attend any additional training courses to receive your license in a reciprocal state.

Considerations to Get You Started as an Adjuster

  • Posting a Resume

    Having a good resume is extremely important to starting your new career. You want to display your credentials professionally and ethically to insurance adjusting firms.

  • Joining Roster

    • Rosters are created by Insurance Adjusting Firms. It is simply a list of Independent Adjusters that are licensed and could currently work claims.

    • Adjusting Rosters are serious as a beginning adjuster you should take any assignments you are offered. Do not lie about your experience, they will know!

    • Being on one roster doesn’t prevent you from joining another one. As an Independent Insurance Adjuster you should join as many rosters as you can.

    • Many rosters today allow you to post that you are “currently on assignment” this will allow you to stay in good standing with the multiple companies you are with.

  • Travel

    • Traveling is a requirement in this industry. You may work some pocket disasters in Texas one month and get an assignment in Minnesota the next.

    • When you accept an assignment you only have a few days to get there. This means if you get a call on Friday morning offering an assignment in Ohio, and you are in Houston, Texas. You will need to leave immediately in order to make it to your assignment on time.

Adjuster Training Solutions provides each adjuster with priceless insight into working in the insurance industry.  Completing our Adjuster Training Solutions Insurance Adjuster Package is a great way to begin your insurance adjusting career. Learn from the Pros.

What Makes a Good Adjuster?

A desirable insurance adjuster should have outstanding communication skills.  Duties of the job include dealing with all types of people in all states of mind, from one end of the spectrum to the other.  Your position as a representative of the insurance companies, in many circumstances, will be the only real contact between the insurance company and the insured party.  It is of utmost importance that professional communication and reliable services are achieved.

As an adjuster, it is not uncommon to be handed a pile of claims, especially while in a catastrophic situation.  In this stressful situation, the insured will be expecting extreme promptness and dependability.  Misuse of time and getting backed up on claims can lead to overload, causing severe stress.  Time management and the ability to multi-task are crucial to conquering the storm season.

It is critical that you are skilled in general computer skills, including typing proficiency, and navigation through Windows based programs.  If these are areas you struggle in, taking a computer course prior to enrollment is strongly advised.  These basic computer skills will ensure that as an adjuster, you will be able to process your data electronically, and close claims quickly and efficiently.

Integrity is an extremely important quality to possess as an insurance adjuster.  In this profession, adjusters have a large amount of freedom and authority over many situations.  Abuse of this authority, resulting in contractor kickbacks or bribes, is strongly prohibited.  A disreputable adjuster, in most cases leads to an unemployed adjuster.

Not all instances in every claim situation are cut and dry, a good adjuster must be able to apply common sense, judgment and personal experience.  The ability to read and understand basic elemental points of a policy is imperative, but the real talent is in the application process within the framework of a particular claim that is vital.

The objective of an adjuster is to reimburse the homeowner, business owner, or car owner to an extent agreeable to return assets to restored condition.  Being knowledgeable of the makeup of what you are adjusting is key.  If an adjuster is unaware of what is behind the sheetrock, there is a good chance that same adjuster won’t be able to account for the damage.

Especially in catastrophic situations, the drive to succeed and conquer tasks at hand is of the essence.  We understand that you may find yourself in a position that seems unworkable, but the successful adjusters are those that overcome objections, like technology issues, uncooperative claimants, and language barriers.

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